If you’ve spent much time at Wisconsin’s Interstate State Park, you’ve probably found your way to a treasured shelter on the Horizon Rock Trail. You may have wondered, “what happened, how did this burn down?” From the rock outcropping, you can see the horizon and capture a memorable sunset. 1939, the Civilian Conservation Corps built Horizon Rock Shelter and for many decades, it has been used for picnics, gatherings, photos and multiple weddings. Memories have been made at the shelter and it holds a special place in the hearts of many people.


In July of 2021, it was badly damaged by fire. The base remains intact; however, the roof being made of wood was consumed in the fire. Insurance did not cover the loss, and funds did not exist for needed repair. See images here of the shelter before and after the fire. A notable aspect of repairing CCC projects is that they need to be repaired to the standards of the historic CCC construction which can bring extra costs regarding research, preparing, and executing the repair.


Please consider donating to our efforts in repairing this treasured structure. Give BIG April 30th is a special opportunity for donations, though we will certainly accept any generosity you can offer through the time of repair and highlighting during our park’s 125th Anniversary coming up. There are a number of ways to donate: 1) through the giveBIG 2024 campaign, 2) through the Friends’ group website (https://friendsofinterstateandstraightlakeparks.org/membership/) and adding a note specifying the Horizon Rock Shelter repair or 3) sending a check to the Friends of Interstate Park group at PO Box 703, St Croix Falls, WI 54024, and again specifying the Horizon Rock Shelter repair in the memo. Thank you in advance for your consideration to donate to this worthy and overdue cause. Let’s work together to restore the work of the CCC boys!