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Interstate Trails

Winter Trails (See Rules on Map)

  • Bluff Trail
  • Homestead Loop
  • Ojibwa Trail & Loop
  • Point Trail
  • Quarry Trail Loop
  • Ice Age Trail

Summer Trails (See Rules on Map)

  • Eagle Peak Trail
  • Echo Canyon Trail
  • Horizon Rock Trail
  • Lake O’ the Dalles Trail
  • Meadow Valley Trail
  • Pothole Trail
  • Ravine Trail
  • River Bluff Trail
  • Siverbrook Trail
  • Silver brook Loop
  • Skyline Trail
  • Skyline Nature Loop
  • Summit Rock
  • Ice Age Trail
Snowshoe Interstate Park
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straight lake map

Straight Lake Trails

  • Straight Lake Trail
  • High Point Trail
  • Rainbow Lake Trail (Loop)
  • Glaicial Trail
  • Ice Age Trail


straight lake map
IAT Itinery

Ice Age Trail Western Terminus

The Western Terminus of the Ice Age Trail is located within Interstate Park (WI) in the City of St. Croix Falls, also know as the “City of Trails.”

St. Croix Falls is an Ice Age Trail Community and the location through hikers will either start or end their hike along the iconic 1,200 mile trail (depending on direction of travel).

The Ice Age Trail is a National Scenic Trail stretching 1,200 miles (1,900 km) in the state of Wisconsin in the United States. The trail is administered by the National Park Service, and is constructed and maintained by private and public agencies including the Ice Age Trail Alliance, a non-profit and member-volunteer based organization with local chapters.

The Ice Age Trail began as conservationist Ray Zillmer’s idea for having an “Ice Age National Park” of 500 miles starting at St. Croix Falls, going south through Madison, northeast through the Kettle Moraine areas ending near Sturgeon Bay.

He envisioned that the park would protect features like kames, drumlins, and kettle moraines. In 1958, Zillmer founded the Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation (now the Ice Age Trail Alliance (IATA)).  Exerpts from: Wikipedia

Ice Age Trail

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